Red love

I traveled each noon 4 kms on my bicycle, trying to make it as early as possible to get the first glimpse of you. Thinking of you each time I peddled with that extra bit of energy. Always insecure because there were so many of us trying to get you, touch you, feel you – though I tended to feel that I was the most deserving candidate to be the lucky possessor of a beauty like you. Oh, you were so infectious. I could see the eagerness in their eyes as I had a casual chat with them – the rascals had no respect for you, no emotions, only lust lurked. I could have almost got rid of them, so much I wanted you.
The crucial moment arrived with a subtility, my heart beat gone faster and legs gone shaking. And you were such a damsel. You did not disappoint a bit of me – the aura which only a British Queen could have matched, the curve which only was the possession of a few. In that scorching heat, when the sun rays touched your body – sheer magic was created. Never before I was so sure that I wanted you -right now, right here. I wanted to do so many things to you, to grip in my hands, to rub you against my thighs, to put my spit all over you, and then do all sorts of things to make you as red, as sweet, as shiny as you were given to me. I wanted you to do all sorts of movements-from left to right, top to bottom with no conspicuousness at all. I wanted them to hate you, curse you because they could not handle you, could not understand your body language.
And as if a dream had come true, I got you. I was darn excited, a chilling shiver went down my spine. A 5 minute warm-up session and there I was, ready to begin the net session.
“Right Arm Fast Medium

Over the wicket
New ball
First ball to go …”
And the same emotions beckoned me the next day, the next, and for a long time to come. Each day it was the same. My love for you was always the same. And today I miss you sweetheart, hope you are in good hands!


A very short post

One fine morning you get up and all of a sudden you realize – this can’t be happening, this is for sure not a reality, oh common it was just yesterday when I was asked to wear formals every day, when I was running helter-skelter for third question of the second C assignment, when we were doing “ari-ari” all over the place. Was not it just a matter of moments back when we were preparing the freshers for the fresher’s party, when we were all drenched with all sorts of particles(and later controversies) on Holi, when we were organizing this thing called “Felicity”.
Bloody fuck.
Three years have passed just in a blink of the eye. I have had myriads of moment in this time, ranging from hilarious to even more hilarious, emotional to adventurous, terribly sweet to terribly horryfying, mysterious to magical.
Eight months (only) left ahead now.
I don’t what to write here.



Mom, can I watch some TV please ?

It is Only after a gap of 2 long years that I am getting an opportunity to stay at home and I don’t think that in near future I would be getting it again. Of all the cool(read BC) things you can do at home, watching TV is definitely one of them. Firstly to all my IIIT friends, its a heck of a job to be patient enough to let all the advertisements irritate you, bore you and finally compel you to change the channel. Only if there was an option to skip all this and watch only what we want to, which is normally the case with us on our laptops. Anyways having said this, a television set still has its charm and has a lot to offer, especially now with plethora of channels hogging it at all times. Here I would like to list my top 5 “must watch” stuff on TV which obviously I have been watching a lot of late.

5.If you really want to know about the current affairs or catch up with some healthy debate, 9 X news channel is definitely the place to be. Its quick, authentic and the news items cover most of the fields uniformly. The likes of AAJ-TAK are still stuck up with a Rakhi-Mika or a kid in a well story.

4.Roadies 5.0 / TeenDiva / iSuperstar : Watch Mtv for all these reality shows and some more. While Roadies still sucks and TeenDiva has little girls entering into silly politics of whom to vote out, its a nice way to entertain yourself by watching the comical proceedings.

3.9X Music : Watch it not for the continuous stream of bolly songs, but for the animated characters they have created. They are by far the best as far as channels are concerned. Bheegi Billi, Paan Menon are excellent. But badey-chotte easliy take the limelight. You can catch them all the time on the channel cracking silly jokes in their own “tashan”.

2.IPL – Manoranjan ka baap : It is the daily dose of modern day mahayuddh in cricket. For those who love cricket, check out your favourite stars fighting it out in the new format of the game. Those who don’t, just watch it for the hot and sizzling cheer girls 😛 , and if it is a RCB match, then Katrina Kaif.

1.Star Cricket – had to be. It is the best thing to have happened to TV for all the cricket fanatics. 24 hours of non-stop cricket. I have seen a range of matches and highlights on it – ranging from Pura cup to county cricket, from T20 WC to 1983 WC, from India Victorious to Lethal Lee – it is a complete package and you just cannot have enough of it.

With these being my top priorities, I also catch up with an EK soap sometimes…hehe…just kidding…I am over them “now” 🙂

Song of the day : main hoon ghatokkach, main duniya mein sabse nirala 😛


Distant Demise

With the IPL grabbing all the attention and becoming an instant hit in the “market”(I hate to use this word when it comes to cricket), it sure is here to say. Being a total entertainer and now with that X-factor to it, it surely deserves a place in the headlines. But I would like to look at it with a different perspective, a more traditional one you might say. As far as I can see, it is acting as a slow poison to Indian cricket. I say this because of the impact it is having on the young talent of India. Most of the players of the winning under-19 team are part of one or the other teams in the IPL. And what is happening to them –
Virat Kohli, the colts captain has just managed a single score more than 20;
Manish Pandey, who is a cut above the rest and has all the makings of a great test player is sent at number 3 in his first match of the tournament in a pressure cooker situation where he is expected to score right from the word go;
Ravindra Jadeja, a prolific all rounder slashes hard at whatever comes his way and does not get a bowl in the match;
and the rest – the likes of Saurabh Tiwary, Iqbal Abdulla, Ajitesh Argal are sitting on the bench enjoying the stardom they are getting. Instead, they should have been preparing themselves for the big picture, exploring themselves, learning various aspects of the game, buying more time for enhancement of their basic skills, strengthening their weaknesses. After all test cricket is all about discipline, determination and dedication, and it is indeed the real test of one’s talent. Go through the lives of greats like Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman and you will find that they had worked very hard initially, proved their mettle at the domestic circuit and then made a place for themselves in the national team.The only advantage to the young players is that they get the opportunity to share the dressing room with all time greats and have practice sessions with them, which is a huge thing. But then at this very initial level, they are being exposed to something which has
nothing to do with a batsman being technically correct, his backlift being high enough to get power in the punch, getting in line of the ball, a spinner flighting the ball in the air, the wicket keeper getting up at the right moment. Its just about getting runs and taking wickets-which ever way you do it.

So IPL being a very lucrative venture for the businessmen, established cricketers, domestic cricketers and the retired ones, it sure is hurting the young guns big time. I hope the pundits of Indian cricket realize this and do something about it.


Rishtey – a love story

All the memories of the last year’s final flashed right in front of his eyes. How had he failed to find the sweet spot of the bat and how had the Ifthekar Cricket Academy lost the coveted Man Singh trophy to their arch rivals – Cricket Coaching of Indore(CCI). He had disappointed his team. It hurt. Amid the jubilation in the CCI team, his emotions were lost. Now after one year, it was time for revenge. But this time the ball was in his hand and rightly so. Ramiz was known for his fast in swinging yorker. With just 10 runs needed for CCI to defend the championship and three wickets in hand, a miracle was needed. Ramiz was having a dream run. With 13 wickets in the tournament, he was the leading wicket taker this year. A portion of the lower part of his t-shirt had acquired a shade of red due to his continuous effort to shine the ball throughout the match. He hoped to make full use of this shine now. With Kapil on strike, he knew where to bowl to him. He had placed Saad at gully specifically for Kapil. This was it – he said to himself, and started charging in. The seam moment was sufficient enough to entice Kapil to go for the extravagant off drive and Saad took an easy catch. One down. Co incidentally the next batsman, Rohit was a good friend of Ramiz. He was aware of Rohit’s high back lift. He bowled a fast delivery right up in the block hole and the sweet sound of timber was made more sweeter because this took the Ifthekarians a wicket closer to victory and Ramiz to his maiden hat-trick. A layer of tension as well as excitement was set in the middle when the last man Rachit came in to bat. The onus was on him to pull his team out of trouble and become a hero. This was a big moment for Ramiz. He was aware of the fact that the State team selectors had come to watch this Under-17 clash. This might just be the lucky break he was looking for. He charged in with some added intensity and produced a JAFFA – as the Australians call it. The wood was disturbed again. Before he could realize, Saad and Riaz had lifted him up on their shoulders and the entire team was bubbling with joy. It took a few minutes for Ramiz to sink in what had happened. He had written his name in the record books of Man Singh trophy.

A heavy knock on the door put an end to his reminiscence and brought him back to reality- a reality which he was not yet accustomed to, a reality which he had never wanted. It was the hefty milk man Keshav. “Salaam Ramiz bhai – how has the day been so far” enquired Keshav while pouring the milk in the steel container which Ramiz had brought from the kitchen. Ramiz, emotionless, replied plaintively “nothing much to do today. It has been a slow day so far “. Keshav left as soon as he was done with his work. Ramiz stood at the door for a while, giving a long hard stare at the fading light of the going by vehicles. After two minutes he went inside, put the milk container on the boiler and started reading the newspaper.

Fate had played a funny game with him. The career ending knee injury had brought his short cricketing career to a full stop. After taking 45 wickets for the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) in Cooch Bihar trophy in the season of 98, Ramiz was knocking the doors of the national team. But Allah had something else in reserve for him. He had never imagined a slight sprain in the right knee would in a matter of days slaughter his aspirations. In a week he was down and out with a swollen knee which refused to bob down. The doctor’s verdict was out and it was a shock which was beyond belief for Ramiz. “You will never be able to play competitive cricket in future Ramiz”- these words from Dr. Hussain broke Ramiz from inside. He was devastated.

The damage made to his knee hurt him even today, more so because it reminded him of his painful withdrawal from the sport. Today he was a 23 year old man who had lost faith in Allah and the juice of his life had been soaked out. After the sad demise of his stint with cricket, he moved to Pune to pursue his BCA from University of Pune. In the yester years, despite giving most of his time to cricket he had managed good grades and had possessed a sharp mind. He tried hard to concentrate on the subjects. But all his efforts were in vain. He had lost interest in life, in general. And then Nazini happened.

She was living in Pune with her friend Ayesha in a girl’s hostel. She joined the university to take up DBM (Diploma in Business Management) when Ramiz was a sophomore there. She was being ragged near the canteen by his classmates. Ramiz, having a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper did not pay any attention to it. Nazini was a Muslim girl from the state of Punjab. She was fair, tall and had an infectious smile. The green colored chudidaar, a small tattoo of a pigeon on her left arm, brownish streaks falling over covering the left part of her face, a strawberry mark right below her lips imparted her eternal allure and the smooth fragrance of lily gave her grace and elegance. She had a sharp nose, thin lips and a curvaceous body. All of this made her look exquisite and every senior boy wanted to rag her and talk to her. Of course Ramiz was indifferent to all of this. He had choked out a niche for himself where he had taken up reading as his best past time. He was different from other boys of the college. He was a tall, lanky chap with a fair complexion. Most of the times he wore a stubble on his face. The girls in the college were attracted to him but stayed away from him because of his weird attitude. He was all by himself most of the time, reading a novel or an article on cricket. But then in every man’s life, there comes a moment when he is mesmerized by a girl’s beauty and that seems to him the sweetest thing in this world. Ramiz was about to experience that.


Two days prior to the examination, Ramiz went to the college library to study Economics. He had always been fascinated by the economics bible “Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith in the past and had always enjoyed reading it. But today the book was no where to be seen. Just as he went past the right most shelf in the library, he saw the book lying open on a table in the corner. He took it, found a place for himself and began reading it. He was just half way through the first page when a pretty lady bent over and said in a calm voice “excuse me but I was reading that”. Ramiz rolled his eyes upwards to look at the owner of that sweet voice. Stunning, dazzling, heavenly – were the words that were running through his heart and soul when he saw Nazini. He was bedazzled by Nazini’s beauty and became speechless. Never before had he seen such a beauty. “I am sorry but I have an exam and I need to grasp the concepts so please give me the book, will you” said Nazini. Ramiz without uttering a word gave her the book. Nazini quickly got the book issued and left the library. Now normal, Ramiz realized his heart was stuck upon that girl. He had to talk to her. He decided to come to the library next day as well.


Ramiz had spent the entire night thinking about Nazini. In the morning he was quite excited. He wore his favorite t-shirt and went to the library, hoping to see her again. An hour passed. She did not come. But time passed very quickly for Ramiz because all this time he was thinking how to present himself, what to talk, how to start the conversation.

Another hour passed. Ramiz was becoming restless now. He had an exam tomorrow and he was wasting his time here doing nothing. “How stupid, I must be out of my mind to wait for a girl I don’t even know” Ramiz said to himself and took off. Just as he got up and started towards the door, he bumped into the same sweet girl he had met yesterday.

His motive was fulfilled. ”Oops I am so sorry” said Nazini. “Don’t be, I was looking for you. Actually I have the same exam which you have and to put it in simple words- I have messed it. I have not studied anything and now I am feeling nervous. Can you teach me something?” Ramiz lied and pretty convincingly too. Nazini was impressed by his modesty and agreed to teach him, but only after she was done with her own studies. She asked him to come to the library at 8 o’clock in the evening. Ramiz agreed willingly.


The joy Ramiz got in talking to Nazini was immense. He realized that this was for the first time after leaving cricket that he was happy. Immersed in happiness to such an extent that he had forgotten to ask Nazini what her name was. But he was having a good time. Ramiz reached the library well in time. Nazini was fifteen minutes late. After exchanging hello’s and introducing each other, they studied for a while. Nazini was a good teacher – quite expressive and understanding but her efforts were futile. Ramiz was paying null attention. He was busy gazing at her voluptuous body. Ramiz pretended very well that he knew nothing and so Nazini had to make that extra effort to teach. After a while they decided to take a break and went to the canteen. They hit off instantly. Nazini’s father Salim was a Ranji player in his days. She told him how her father was dropped 5 times on the score of 99 in the same match and how he had managed to marry his friend’s sister on the request of his coach. Ramiz told Nazini about his little sister Afreen who was a prolific dancer. They spoke a lot about their personal likings and disliking. They both had a flair for cricket and shared a common sense of music. For the first time Nazini looked at her watch and it was 2 o’clock in the morning. They had spent the entire night chit-chatting.

Both gave the examination half-awake and faired badly in it. But it did not matter to them. It was just a mid-term all the same. Long crazy talks in the park or at the coffee shop, hand-in-hand walks round the campus, silly pranks, staring at each other for long durations, canoodling each other became the order of the day for Ramiz and Nazini. They were having the time of their lives. In a matter of days they became very familiar and started caring for each other. One day they were sitting on the green grass of Shivaji Park. Nazini was looking as gorgeous as ever in a white cotton t-shirt and a blue denim jeans. She was gazing at the sky. Ramiz gave a hard long stare at Nazini. For a moment, the entire world came to a stand-still for Ramiz. He could not control himself. Very passionately he took Nazini in his arms and kissed her intensely on her lips. Initially she resisted but as his mouth melted inside her’s, she submitted. She reached the seventh heaven. Ramiz, experiencing the fragrance of her hair, murmured in Nazini’s ears “honey I love you”. Nazini, with a touch of hesitation and shyness replied – “love you too sweetheart”. Ramiz acquired a new role from then on- that of an ardent lover. His mind was totally occupied with Nazini. He was totally transformed. From being an introvert who did not pay any attention to what so ever was happening in his surrounding to being a jovial person who takes pleasure in life and does everything passionately was a metamorphosis which had a single cause – Nazini. Nazini had turned his life upside down. The spontaneity, the energy, the music that was absent in his life was back.


A month had passed. Things had become pretty serious between the two. It was a first for both. Both were immensely in love with each other. Quite often, Nazini used to stay back at Ramiz’s place. Night-outs at his quarter became a common place. Ramiz told how good a player he was in his younger days and how he lost it all. He expressed himself frankly and told her how important she was to him. Nazini reciprocated nicely. She had developed a soft corner for Ramiz and her love was truly eternal. They were living the best days of their lives. They were enjoying themselves. Nothing could have possibly separated them apart except …


Ramiz got a call at 4 o’clock in the morning from Yashoda hospital. Nazini was brutally hit by a maruti 800 at a high speed. The accident took place in a deserted locality near the railway station. It was only after a period of 25 minutes that some of the on-goers realized that Nazini was lying on the road – bleeding. When she was brought to the hospital, she was unconscious and bleeding badly from the rare portion of the head. They immediately put her under observation. The CT scan diagnosed an internal injury. Meanwhile, someone took Ramiz’s contact from Nazini’s bag and called him. Ramiz became motionless on hearing the news. He did not know what to do. He started praying to Allah, even though he had lost faith in him. He was desperate. He just wanted Nazini unharmed. He started reading Namaz on his way. He recalled how he first met Nazini in the library, how he lied to Nazini about Economics, their first kiss, long night-outs at his place, her fragrance, the sweet smell of her perfume. He remembered how they had quarreled one time. Ramiz had refused to agree to his mistake. Ramiz now wanted to say sorry. He wished Nazini was fine so that he can apologize, touch her, caress her, cuddle her, love her.

When Ramiz reached the hospital, Nazini was gone. She had taken her last breath during the operation 5 minutes back. Ramiz stood there – eyes wide open. It was all over. Ramiz sat there for an hour – absolutely numb. Then he dozed off. Next morning he woke up, asked for a newspaper and started reading the sports page.


want some metal ???

Absolutely no idea why am I writing this one. I guess two long months of stay in the college without going home does that to you. By now I have realized that I am not much into writing stuff that is engrossing and concerns the masses. Not exactly because I am not very good at writing. Having said that, it is one of the reasons though. Truly speaking I would rather blabber out my views and opinions than putting them up on the net. So basically from now on, I would blog on something that interests ‘me’ – music, cricket, dance, cartoons, movie(may be) and my fundae for life.

This one is going to be a compilation of my favorite ‘metal’ songs I have been listening to, bandwise. Here goes

Black Sabbath – The pioneer of heavy metal, with some wacky vocals and popular riffs, they were instrumental in shaping NWOBHM. They were to become a major source of inspiration for numerous American bands in the 80’s.

1.) Iron Man
2.) Electric Funeral
3.) Paranoid
4.) War Pigs
5.) NIB

Iron Maiden – Racy vocals, energetic stage act, ‘Eddie’ are some of the factors that have helped them to achieve cult status in the metal fraternity. They have found special love for India, conducting concerts in two consecutive years – one in Bombay and the other one in Banglore. I hope next time it is Hyderabad. The list is dominated heavily by tracks from Powerslave as I have been hearing to it a lot of late.

1.) Hallowed Be Thy Name
2.) Powerslave
3.) Fear of the Dark
4.) Aces High
5.) 2 Minutes to Midnight

Metallica – The God. Nothing more to say.

1.) Master Of Puppets
2.) One
3.) Fade To Black
4.) For whom the bell tolls
5.) Sad but true AND Enter Sandman (just did not have the heart to miss one of them and include the other)

Megadeth – Twin to Metallica, Mustaine did the right thing by showing Hetfield the finger and coming up with a band of his own that was a little louder, a little faster and a little heavier than their counterpart.

1.) Symphony of Destruction
2.) A Tout Le Monde
3.) Dread and the Fugitive Mind
4.) Hangar 18
5.) Holy Wars

Special Mention for :

Slayer – Skeletons of Society
Pantera – Cowboys from hell
Sepultra – Territory

ps : I had an ulterior motive to write this post 😀



Today , I was just browsing through Orkut and I came across this mind-blowing community “AMA KHA BHOPALI”…..mann the community rocks totally (exclusively for bhopalis)…..the guys have done a stupendous job ….a great compilation of the “bhopali” lingo and “bhopali ” slangs….GOD i miss them like hell….especially those mini-bus rides from Campion square to royal market in the scorching heat and the bus conductors shouting at the top of their voices – “maka – naka – jyoti – sargam – bush -shtaind”……now thats what you call a “fultoo”bhopali expirience.
I am presenting here some of the bhopali slangs ,taken from the community itself so that the unfortunate non – bhopalis can get a glimpse of what it means to be a true “Bhopali”.

*Amma khan yeh keympian school toh bhopal ka sabsey behtarin school hega ..!!

*Ustaad rokke challnaa, ek ladies aa ri hegi! (in minibus/tempo)

*Bhot lehra riya hega.(for piloting)

*Miya kallaat (kal-raat) se bhot STD (acidity) ho ri hegi pet mein

*Lapak maal hai be -girl is so beautiful.

*Ko Khan, Kaise? – How are you?

*Ama aapki gaadi to paidal ho gayi – Engine is seized

*Aliases for girlfriend – Seat, Setting, Kancha, Got, Goti, Daav, Female, Fanti

minibus blues
# are madam bachon ko godh mein bitha lo (to manke place in mini bus)
# Aajaao bashten bashten bashten (Bus stand)
# Second Panch Cheh Saat Dus Gyarah Gyarah Sau. Minibus conductor reciting the route of the bus.
# Rok Ke. Minibus conductor asking the Driver to stop to pickup or drop off passenger

* Kon Khan Kan Ja Riye Ho!!(where r u going?)

* Haan Khan Pathan Khairiyat!!! (Asking the person if he is alright)

* kalmein kaise beh rahi hai tumhari(a comment on side-locks)

* chachaooooo ekdum bhannaat lag riya hega

* (……..name of a person)Bhai Ko- (short for ……… bhai ko salaam) El ke baaju mein……….are kha dhyaan se tameez se iscreeech na aa jaye

######################## Long Live Bhopaliz #######################